The Mito Foundation's purpose is to end suffering from mitochondrial disease (mito). To reach that goal, we are working towards preventions, treatments, and cures for mito. We are also working to make these easily accessible to people with mito.


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We are working towards preventions, treatments, and cures for mito.

In 2023

  • We awarded our 100th research grant and marked more than $8 million invested in mito research since 2009.
  • We have facilitated participation for the Australian mito community in 6 mito research studies. These studies are an essential part of developing new ways to prevent, diagnose, treat, and cure mito.
  • Research we've funded has identified a new mito gene, CRLS1. Confirming more genes that cause mito may lead to more people acquiring a genetic diagnosis of mito.
  • Across 6 projects, every $1.00 we invested in research in 2023 helped secure a further $5.30 in additional funding.


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We aim to empower people affected by mito by offering a range of supports that make the community feel cared for and heard.

In 2023

  • By updating our mito education module for health professionals, we're helping improve their knowledge so they can provide better care for people impacted by mito.
  • 57 mito community members joined this year's transformative 2-day Mito Community Summit. Our annual event is an opportunity to learn from experts as well as build connections. It also helps inform our vision for the future.
  • 450 community members registered for our events, both online and all over Australia. These events are chances to build meaningful connections, share experiences and hear from experts.
  • In 2023, we supported 877 people through our support services. These include our Helpline, Pathways Telehealth Nurse, and NDIS Navigator. We're committed to empowering people impacted by mito to secure better care and improved quality of life.



We transform outcomes for mito patients and families by advocating and educating appropriate stakeholders.

In 2023

  • Our partner, mitoHOPE, launched the mitochondrial donation pilot program in Australia last year. Mitochondrial donation is an IVF-based technique that offers hope for people with mito to have healthy children of their own.
  • From 1 November, genetic testing for mito was added to the Medicare Benefits Scheme (MBS), helping to reduce the time taken and complexity of diagnosis. This milestone was the result of Australia's Medical Services Advisory Committee recommendation, which we fed into.