Thank you! In Second Half of 2022, Bloody Long Walkers and their Sponsors helped the Mito Foundation deliver vital research and services, including:

World-class research


cutting-edge research projects were funded across 3 renowned institutions.


Collaboration towards medical advancements


107 of the world's brightest mito researchers and clinicians attended AussieMit 2022 to share the latest research developments and collaborate towards medical advancements. 

Important work towards systemic change


5 submissions were made to government advocating for improvements in diagnosis, prevention and care for mito.

A voice for the mito community


26 people shared their experiences with aspects of life with mito including diabetes, dietary supplements and ageing to inform our advocacy in 2023. 

Improvements to medical care


48 GPs engaged with the "Maybe it's Mito" educational module.  Earlier detection of mito and increased rates of diagnosis will help thousands of Australians by facilitating earlier access to specialist care. Plus a new education module was launched focused on treating mito. 

More education for medical professionals


1 NEW GP webinar series was launched to help medical professionals build their knowledge and provide the best possible care to Australian patients with mito.

A NEW peer support program


16 people with mito were connected with peer support mentors through a new program providing one-on-one support from community members with lived experience.

Direct access to mito experts


62 people impacted by mito attended the first ever AussieMit Community Summit to access mito experts, connect with each other and contribute to Mito Foundation's future programs and priorities. 

Supportive networks and shared experiences


27 Mito Information Days, Mito Connect Calls and Mito Meet-ups helped people affected by mito all over Australia to build support networks, share experiences and hear the latest information from experts.

One-on-one care and advice


204 cases of helpline support assisted the mito community to seek a diagnosis, find information or obtain a referral for mito-aware care.

Reduced anxiety through dedicated care


24 families received help with tailored advice, care plans and referrals through the Patient Pathways Program. 80% reported a reduction in anxiety since joining the program.

Increased public awareness and support


450,000 people heard about mito through The Bloody Long Walk 2022 national series that raised over $3.1 million to help families affected by mito.